Pre-Trip High

Hello yellow marshmellow,

This post brought to you from a transit airport. I am sitting in between my snacks and the backpack. Vi and Yin are sitting opposite me. We are waiting for the budget airline to pack and fly us for seven hours to Seoul.

Yes, we are going to South Korea! It’s finally happening!!

I can’t stop smiling and feeling all rainbow-y inside, even though I haven’t slept for almost 24 hours.

I am on a pre-trip high.

Whelp, we are being called but I still want to write!! Ay, let me wrap it up. Bye you guys, thanks for reading. I am literally going to go high now. I will write to you from South Korea. I heard they have an awesome Internet speed which upgraded them on the 100 things-I-wish-heaven-has list.

Note to self: After those long hours decide whether saving fifty bucks is worth cramming oneself to a no leg space seat with no TV nor food for seven hours. Is it? Is it really??


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