Jeju Plan in Motion

I convinced my besties to visit Jeju Island. Actually, there wasn’t much convincing needed, apparently, Yin has been watching Korean drama for some time now and doing her part on daydreaming about the island also. Ooookay. It is I who need to catch up with the dramas.

I found a few places to stay in Seoul, and there was one, in particular, I love it so much! I can’t tell you more about it yet because I have to let my besties decide, but OMG the amount of pink in that room, I want!! Meanwhile, If you can recommend us where to stay in Busan and Jeju, I would be very happy 😀 Gamsahabnida!

I also crossed off my least favorite errand, to renew my passport. Someone is able to go anywhere now, well at least until 2018.

Geez by 2018 I wish I own an apartment, a cat, and get a big fat paycheck every month. Note to me: must cut these gigantic goals into small attainable tasks to work on, but for now, my goal is to get ready for the next big trip. Yep, I have the same weekly wish as last week but different tasks.

This week I need to apply for my visa. Yes, another tedious task again, but I am not going to complain. Applying for a visa means I am able to travel in the first place. So I am going to shut my mouth, bribe a tall soy latte to the HR guy in my office so he would:

1. Issue an employment letter for visa application purpose for me and

2. Shut his mouth about it because even though I am all for mixing office business with pleasure, it is a NO-NO to mix my pleasures with the business. Maybe I should bribe him two tall soy latte since I found out that he is dating that chick from the IT department because now I need two mouths to shut.

Also, I am going to watch a single episode of the Korean drama TV show. I heard that they are highly addictive so please come back here to check on me next week. If there isn’t any new post, well my blog buddies, I must have been sitting down in front of the TV, munching yogurt while watching the third season of the drama all week long, and I might need your help.


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