Pedicure is one of the only two things I like about personal grooming. The other one is a face mask, but I like doing face mask more because of the social aspect of it. My friends and I have been doing Face Mask Thursday for years now. We put on faces mask and send each other our face mask selfies while occasionally discussing the benefits to the brands of our face masks.

Pedicure though, I like for the opposite reason. Pedicure is a solitary moment for me.

Colored nails and pedicures bring me joy and It has been two years since I started supporting different shades of nail colors every month.

I know, for many of us, a pedicure is a luxury.  It’s for me, as well. But I rather not eat out over the week as long as I can get a pedicure. I even have a pedicure fund. Moreover, living in Singapore, I need to drop a small fortune on getting it done, so finding a good place that I’m happy to go is an actual task.

I don’t like the one near my neighbourhood and I don’t like the many I have gone to and never come back, until recently. It’s called Passion Nails.  It is a small-room sized nail parlour, which is quite easy to spot.

I like this place because of its massage chairs, aromatherapy smell, and non-pushy manicurists.

Do you want this over-priced-medicine-looking tablet which doesn’t do anything added into your foot spa treatment” // “Err.. No?!” // “Okay, thanks!”

And that’s that.

Also, they play R&B songs which surprisingly fit into the pampering ritual. I keep coming back to this place because they are chill and they get the job done well.

If I have a tough period at work, nothing a pretty pedicure can’t melt it. It makes me happy when I can feel how soft my feet are and when I look down and I see colourful nails waving back at me.


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