Gr8teful in September

  • Believing in the magic.
  • Vanilla on my soap, on my cake, and in my candle.
  • Traveling to a new city and experiencing different cultures. 
  • Everything about Japan. 
  • Learning French. Those two hours of sitting in the classroom, repeating le de du together with my classmates used to be the highlight of my Thursday.
  • The rush mixed with the relaxed feeling of journaling my thoughts.  
  • A saloon blow-dried hair.  
  • The luxury of laying on the bed at 11 AM in the morning and browsing on my laptop
  • The joy of online shopping.  
  • Writing messages and reminders on post-it notes.
  • Classy people.
  • A really good meal. 
  • A home-cooked meal and I don’t mind whose home.
  • My cousins and I used to have a sleepover every weekend for years until we moved to different places. We gossiped, talked about boys, boys, and boys. It was one of my best memories.  
  • Train rides.
  • I have woken up many times in the middle of the night or morning with a book (now kindle) in my hand. Falling asleep reading is one of my fave things waking up.  
  • Oh, the statement necklace. I have one in purple color which I sometimes claimed as a handphone, my Thali or wee wee. 
  • The smell of coffee beans being brewed when I entered my office building every morning.
  • Waking up to the sound of thunders at night and going back to sleep smiling.  
  • Cheese and wine. 
  • Be spontaneous and you will be my friend.
  • Playing board games with a group of friends while drinking.
  • Traveling with only a backpack and or a carry-on.
  • WiFi connection at unexpected places.
  • Snail mail. 
  • The cuteness of Mickey Mouse ear headbands. 
  • Dessert. 
  • Visiting my parents and being treated like ten years old. 
  • Staying in a hotel stay with its white sheet, flat TV, free tea, super soft pillows, huge bathroom, and a fantastic view.
  • Super comfortable PJs with smart-ass writing on it. The one I am wearing now says I Don’t Do Morning. Because I don’t.  
  • Having ice cream for breakfast and pancakes for dinner.  
  • Everything glittery attracts me, add pink to it and I will have two of it, please.  
  • Interesting gadgets and new technology and on the contrary,
  • Minimalism put me in a state of joy.  
  • People with a quirky style, you make my day better. Thank you for living life your way.  
  • Women who appreciate their own bodies, such a refreshing belief. #bodyappreciation.  
  • Rainy gloomy days lighten my mood. 
  • Playing with stickers. 
  • Happy people.  
  • SATC the TV series, those girls taught me to be happy by being me and to celebrate me. 
  • There are people out there who already figured things out and sum it nicely in a quote. It can make us either feel warm and fuzzy inside or darn motivated.  
  • Sometimes I have better things to do than going to work. That’s when pre-planned sick leave comes into the picture.  
  • Zipper bag. It makes life much easier and organized. 
  • Putting everything on hold for some time to read funny blogs.
  • “A day without laughter is a day wasted” – Charlie Chaplin.
  • Being really productive.
  • I love going to sleep feeling I have accomplished something today. 
  • People watching from a coffee shop.  
  • Warm, long, and meaningful hugs.  
  • Sydney skyline.
  • Getting “lost” inside a bookstore in between the thousands of books and stationery.  
  • Giving and getting compliments, this is a small thing but never fails to brighten our day.  
  • The word AWESOME. Saying it. Feeling it.
  • Pedicure.
  • Birthday parties.
  • The internet has served its highest purpose by spreading out cat memes.


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