Melbourne Diary Day 2

It’s only 8 PM here in Melbourne and I’m back in the hotel writing to you because we had a winery tour today, we are beaten up, and we also have a day tour tomorrow. On top of that Melbourne, the weather has been horrible.

Okay, I hate to tell you this, but in Melbourne in winter is kinda blah.

Yesterday, we went to St Kilda and spent like 2 minutes because nothing was an open pass! And then we took a ride back to the town with the tram to visit the Queen Victoria market. Unfortunately, it’s also closed for the day and suddenly the rain poured cats and dogs, so we the unthinkable tourist thing to do. We went back to our cozy little hotel. Well, at least it has a heater inside. It was only 6 PM and we stayed in for the rest of the day, except when we went out for dinner at Little Italy, Lygon Street, Carlton. I had a very expensive chicken risotto. It’s the first time I tried risotto, thinking it would satisfy my rice craving. I was so wrong. Never ever again a risotto for me.

Tonight, we skipped dinner, and my cousins have gone to sleep. Me? I have been fighting the urge to sleep this early while traveling. So here I am, sitting in the dark, writing to you and watching Ellen, who just revealed to the world the dirtiest part in a hotel room (spoiler alert: she said everything!  Everything’s filled with germs). Errr… I am watching this from a hotel room.

Despite the dreary Melbourne weather, expensive food, and places closing very early in Melbourne. In the few days, I am here, I have decided to move to Melbourne. Being a local, I think I would be able to things during winter, like sitting at home, heat microwaved food, and watching TV but minus the guilt. Also, fly back home to ever sunny Bali occasionally.


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