Business Trip

I always thought business trip is such glamour, but that’s until I landed in KL yesterday morning. I had to wake up at 3 AM to shower, get ready and leave the flat at 4 AM to reach the airport on time to board the 6 AM flight.

Once landed, I had to go straight to work and spent the whole day working-sorting out accounting stuff that was headache enduringly messy. Finally, after completing the most urgent tasks, the main reason, I was there, I left to check-in into the hotel; only to crash in the hotel bed immediately after shower having forgotten the room service I ordered right before.

Today was considerably better. I had Nasi Lemak at OldTown White Coffee for breakfast and started my work for the day. I then went out for a late lunch with the entire Malaysia team (Indian food at a roadside Mamak stall- it was delicious). After lunch, it was back to work for me. Thankfully we managed to wrap it at a more decent hour.

I was given options to either stay for another day or two or go back and finish the pending work from Singapore. I chose the latter; hence here I amm writing on my phone twenty-minutes or so before landing in Singapore – two hours or so before I get to crawl into my bed which I abandoned so hastily yesterday morning.

May the past two days serves me as a reminder that business travel is not all that, especially if I wake up before dawn.


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