Not So Sick Day

Who has been naughty and took a sick day? Me!

I called in sick today, the last time I did that was when I created this blog, well actually when reactivated my blog and return to the blogging world and I am glad I did it. I wonder what else would be done by the end of today that will make me happier a year from now.

It all started yesterday, on a Monday morning. At 8 AM I was sitting on the bus on the way to my work and I didn’t want to go. I have been contemplating getting down somewhere, anywhere, on the work route.

I carried my laptop yesterday so I could sit in a Starbucks and write or watch or design or learn, or anything as long as it doesn’t require any calculating. I would look professional and powerful, what with my work suit and all. And if I needed it, I could always open a trading chart and look into it while daydreaming about retiring and writing to you from Phi-Phi Island.

But I didn’t.

Like a goodie two shoes, I went to work and hated every single minute of it. I started to make a schedule for every quarter-hour at work, but I had to stop at 11.45 AM. Too much to do, I couldn’t stop and record my boring work life. I kept glancing at the clock and counting the agonizing hours to go. I bribed myself a good lunch, limited my conversation with colleagues, and packed my bag at 6 PM sharp, but even then when I hit the lift button I could only think that I should have done it today. I should have stopped somewhere and walked to another director.

I walked home fizzles and then I remembered, Dexter season 8 is out! Dexter was waiting for me at home. I walked faster, reached home, skipped dinner, and went straight to look for him online.

I love Dexter before I know I would love watching him. His monologues are brilliant but my most favorite quote from the show comes from Debra (his boss, who is also his sister, who had a crush on him): “Don’t F with my F-ing investigation you mother”. I have been waiting and waiting for the finale to start and here it was! Or so I hoped, I searched for hours to find see it online, but I couldn’t get it L I knew it was out because people on the other side of the world have started to talk about it. At 1 AM I turned off my laptop and tried to sleep.

The song trerereng reneng kept running through my head. I needed to watch it! So I turned the laptop on again and started to search for the online streaming again. Finally, I got it! I stayed up and watched the first episode. Pure satisfaction! All were great except for Deb. I don’t’ like Deb doing drugs (If she is really doing it and not a cop undercover thingy). She could have gone somewhere or married Batista, but drugs? That’s beneath you Deb but I guess how else would you cope right?

I slept at 4.30 and didn’t hear my alarm. When I finally woke up it was almost 9, so I called in and requested for a sick day with a sick voice.

Thus, the blissful sick day leave!

I slept some more, rearranged my blog, watched The Fall, and now I am at an Indian food joint called Prata Walla. This is the new and only one Indian food restaurant in the Bishan neighborhood and they make the best chai in the city.

Yeah, instead of going to a coffee shop like a normal blogger, I’m posting this from an Indian restaurant, because nothing brings my creativity like the smell of curry.

When I’m the CEO of a big shot company, I will make sure there is an unwritten rule to allow employees to take a not-really-sick-sick leave off from work for no reason and at any time of the year. And when I become the president, I would make watching Dexter mandatory, you kids can learn some moral values there more than whatever you are getting from that Housewives of the wherever show.

Okay, I have to end now, feeling sleepy and I have the weather to blame. I am going to take a nap now. But before I go, have you ever taken unplanned leisure or planned sick days from work? What am I saying, when was the last time you took a not-really-sick-sick day from work? Have you ever done it to catch a TV show?


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