It’s only 8 PM here in Melbourne and I’m back in the hotel writing to you because: Melbourne weather is dreary, we had a winery tour today and we are beaten up, we also have a day tour tomorrow, I had a very expensive chicken risotto, thinking it would satisfy my rice craving. I was so SO wrong. Never ever again a risotto for me.

Okay, I hate to tell you this, but in the winter, like. now, Melbourne is kinda bleh.

St Kilda, the Seminyak of Melbourne is dead. We went there. Spent like 2 minutes before taking the ride back to the town to visit the Queen Victoria market.

Unfortunately, it’s closed for the day and rained suddenly, so we the unthinkable tourist thing to do: we went back to our cozy little hotel. Well, at least it has a heater inside we justified.

It was four hours ago.

My cousins continued doing another unthinkable thing to do while traveling, they went to sleep.

I have been fighting the urge, so here I am, sitting in the dark, writing to you and watching Ellen, who just shared with the world what’s the dirtiest part in a hotel room and she said everything.  Everything’s filled with germs.

And, I’m watching it from the hotel room. So, okay.

At least, we didn’t have much planned for today.

I wanted to see South Yarra, and Queen Victoria Market, but both aren’t going to happen I reckon. Next time, I guess, since I have decided to move here.

As a local, I could think of many things to do during winter, like sitting at home and watching TV, minus the guilt.  Heat my microwave food or fly back home to ever sunny Bali.


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