Comedy Club Asia

This weekend we went to a stand-up comedy show by Comedy Club Asia, It was directed by Jonathan Atherton with four new performers. We gulped bottles of Somersby and laughed our asses off. Great time! I didn’t take any pictures because I wasn’t supposed to and for once I obeyed the rule, also I was too drunk to do so.

I was introduced to stand up comedy when I attended the Beer Fest and immediately fell in love with it. And I am thrilled when I find the city I’m living in has plenty of people from everywhere coming to make us laugh and let me tell you we are not an easy bunch to laugh with. Thank God we have nicks for stand up comedies, some of us traveled far (from our neighborhood) to watch this.

If you have ever found yourself unsure of what to give me for a special occasion, get me a stand-up comedy ticket. I will be super happy. Always and thank you.


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