We explored Woolloomooloo and King’s Cross.

I am drunk, but in a good way, if there is a good way to be drunk. I am supposed to write my Sydney diary for today. The thing is I am can’t write from the beginning to the end because I can’t recall it now because I am kinda sloshed. Not as much as my cousin who is snoring beside me, complete with her shoes and winter coat. I managed to peel off my clothes and slipped into my monkey PJs, but nothing more than that, so I lay down and write this Woolloomooloo post because of COMMITMENT!

Today we explored the Kings Cross’s neighborhood. I saw a Turkish coffee shop, a tour agency with cute ducks as their logo, a cozy little restaurant, and, my favorite, the second-hand bookshop. They have an impressive collection of rare books.

We stopped for breakfast at the Pie Face, to try the meat pie, one of Australia must eat. I had a beef pie. It was delish. You have to try Pie Face’s pie guys!

In the afternoon, we went to the Royal Botanical Garden and the NSW Art Gallery.

We then took a ride to Woolloomooloo to check out Harry’s Café de Wheels, the iconic 70 years old pie cart, famous for their pies served with peas. While my friends were ordering, I hesitated. What if this place was famous only for being famous, but it actually tasted bad, Hollywood equivalent to Kim Kardashian? Then I saw Julian McMahon’s picture of him eating at Harry’s Café de Wheels too! If it was good for him it was good enough for me. I ordered The Hot Dog de Wheels.

It turned out to be the best hot dog I have ever eaten in my entire life. Russell Crowe was spotted a few times here in Woolloomooloo since he lives at the nearby wharf.

We went to Rocks Café again this evening. The initial plan was just a short stop for a cup of coffee, but it ended up being a cake, a plate of calamari, and fifteen glass of wine. We spent hours there having a heart to heart. We talked about marriage, exes, friendships, and friendships with the exes. We told each other things we never discussed before, couldn’t help it, we were so drunk, but it was fun and liberating. Unfortunately, I left my favorite sunnies here. Gah!! I have to call them tomorrow to see whether they still have it.

We went home. One of us bought cup noodles from a store nearby, Bone remembered who, or whether we paid for it.  We had it in the hotel room. I didn’t know what was the flavor, but it was good enough for me to like it.

I sent postcards to the important people today. So that was good. Okay, going to pass out now, we have an early flight to catch. We are flying to Melbourne tomorrow and that is if we manage to wake up.

Afterthoughts: A full disclosure, I have only eaten less than five hotdogs in my entire life,  Julian McMahon must be a gazillion years old now, Woolloomooloo sounds super cute.


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