Red Eye To Oz

You guys, I am going to Australia. Soon. I am at the airport now. I am now at the airport, waiting for my red-eye to Sydney. This time, I am travelling with Jik and my two cousins. It will be our ultimate girls’ trip, and I am so looking forward to it.

This will be my first time in Australia. We will be visiting both Sydney and Melbourne. To say I am excited about going to Australia would be an understatement. I have wanted to see and live in Australia for the longest time, and now it feels like another dream comes true.

Or maybe it’s the law of attraction. You know, every year, I would put my dream destination picture on my office computer desktop. It so happened it always made it as my trip of the year. Last year it was the Osaka Castle amid the Sakura season, and this year it’s the Sydney Opera House.

One more thing, this time, I will be writing to you from Australia. I intend to stay sober for a good part of the day and use the free public computer/wifi+phone to keep you updated on the current happenings from the down under. So stay tuned for some pre-proofread blog posts in a few days.

Have you ever live-blogged before?

I did once in Taipei, but I was not sure whether it’d considered live since I wrote it at night while resting at the hotel. What I know is that I enjoyed live blogging that one time. It’s nice to talk about travels while still giddy with it. The feeling is raw and at its best.

Okay, got to go now, you guys. I think someone is calling our names on the speaker.


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