Bonding in Bondi

We went to Bondi beach today. This beach is famous for being famous. A tourist attraction and one of the must-visit places in Sydney.

We passed by a luxury estate on the way to and from Bondi. It’s known to be the Beverly Hills of Sydney. Private schools and celebrity houses, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise had a villa here.

An interesting story about one of the grocery stores that wasn’t doing great in the past but after putting blinders on all its windows, tripled its profit in no time. Apparently, rich people don’t like to be seen doing their own errands, but I see pictures of Hollywood babes pushing grocery trolleys all the time.

Maybe Australian celebrities are posher minded?

I wasn’t sure why Bondi Beach is famous so I googled it before I went there. There are a few movies reference to this beach, but none were as famous as The Beach (location: Koh Phi Phi). They hold Miss Bondi beauty pageants here. I guess hot girls in bikinis are attracting tourists and locals.

The beach was glowing today. I could feel the happy energy flowing.

People are sunbathing, chilling outside the bar, and taking pictures (us, tourists) like it was a perfect summer day. We have chosen the right time to come, Bondi really lived to its glorification today.

We stopped by at one of the beach bars, chatted over a few glasses of pure blonde(bonding ‘n pure blond-ing) and local cookies (a bit coconut-ey). We soaked up the happy atmosphere and warm sunshine before heading back.

There is an outdoor swimming pool by the beach called Bondi Icebergs, where people swim even in winter. And as if it’s not enough, during high tide, cold seawater gets splashed into the swimming pool. Brrrr… It’s a club member honorary thing they said. If it were I, no club membership could make me swim outdoor on a single-digit temperature even if it means swimming with twenty years younger Tom Cruise (I wonder who kept the villa after the divorce?).

Bondi Beach is also famous for its historical events. Apparently, in the old days, people had to wear a certain costume to swim in the beach, this so-called law wasn’t accepted by the general public who went on a huge protest there and succeeded in surpassing the law. And there was another successful protest to allow men and women to hang out/swim in the beach together instead of being separated by a certain time schedule. I am glad. Swimsuit and trunks are feasts for the eyes and best mixed together (as long as both are not worn by one person).

I enjoyed our beach day and since Bondi is on my Life List, I get to cross it today. YAY!


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