June 2013

Hi there nice people who are checking my blog for a new post. I am sorry, there is none for this week.

Work has been crazy. I barely have time to do anything else other than going and staying at work to the extent I am have been wearing my weekend clothes to work. I wanted to wear PJs (after all, I was there until midnight every day), but I was worried that all the effort and over time I have made would be undervalued because of my fashion statement.

June Highlights

Free lunch. This month holds the highest record for the free meals since I moved out from my parents. All have been delicious treats. At this rate, I just need to find someone to shelter me for free also so I can quit my job and live a happy hobo-writer life.

My bedroom.

I have been having chocolate pancakes every day for breakfast for a month now and no I’m not bored yet. It’s the first thing I look forward to every morning on my way to work.

Hotel stays and the white-linen bed sheet.

The romance of the rain and romance in the rain.

Getting a pedicure. I love it so much I wrote an entry about it.


The Fault in Our Stars, my latest I-couldn’t-put-it-down-I-missed-my train-stop book.

Feeling glamorous in Kimono.

Supper room service because fun things happen after midnight.

Next month, I will publish posts sitting on my WordPress dashboard for a long time under the draft.


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