Live Blogging from Bali

Sunny // No money // Holiday // Sipping yellow lemonade (Lemonade, 2013)

I didn’t wake up on my bed today and there was a lot of sunshine. Sunshine at a stranger’s place, my first instinct was to curse but I stopped midway. This bed is softer than mine and bigger and better. It took me several seconds to realize that I was sharing a hotel bed, with my BFF, and that we were in Bali! The F word ended to be FUUUUN.

I have been to Bali a few times before and always find a reason (any reason) to come back. This time we are here for a small gathering. We have been planning and looking forward to this moment for a while. At last, the day arrived.

Yesterday, I managed to get out of a long workday, picked the BFF, another friend, and then headed out to the airport to catch our plane. No time to sit in the waiting room, we were rushed to board.

We arrived in Bali after midnight, and the first thing we looked for was Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika. A famous local eatery that serves rice and dishes together with a deadly chili sauce on the side. Spicy rice is the direct translation of the place name. Too bad it wasn’t available at midnight so we stopped at a nasi Padang place instead called Rene Boss. The place, the food, and the guy who was selling it, all were not appetizing at all, but we bought it anyway since it was 1 AM and we hadn’t had our dinner yet. Three takeaways boxes cost us IDR50k. Not bad.

We are staying at the Novotel Tanjong Benoa. It was picked by another group of friends who are coming today. The hotel is huge with no one else but us and Pak Ketut who was attending our check-in. Maybe because it was 2 in the morning?

He guided us to another part of the hotel, across the road, the cheaper wing. “Bagian rakyat”, BFF said, which meant ordinary people’s part. Fine by me, as long as there is a hot shower, more than 5 TV channels, and a white bedsheet.

The room turned out to be nice with its’ terrace. It was drizzling, my favorite weather. We decided to eat our Padang bento on the terrace. There was a piece of chicken, a fried mashed potato, rice, gravy in a small container, vegetables and sambal (chili-based condiment) inside the bento. And ladies and gentlemen, Rene Boss didn’t disappoint. Surely the fried chicken was a bit hard since it must have been cooked on yesterday morning, but the sambal was over the top. I love it. I wished I had an extra serving of rice because I could not stop eating the sambal. Thinking about it now makes my mouth water, damn! And I only had it like a few hours ago.

After supper and a long shower, I change into PJs and climbed onto the hotel’s king-sized bed, and dozed off but not before disturbing my two best friends with nonsense anecdotes.
Our morning, this morning, started with songs from BFF’s iPhone. She insisted on making Lemonade by

Alexandra Stan as our Bali Holiday song. I obliged. We danced to it, ate Cheetos, and got ready in turn.

When I was done, I managed to squeeze in this post for you. After this, we are going to pick more friends from the airport, but first breakfast at Bali Bakery.

Hello, chicken porridge and strawberry tart and lollipop marshmallow, I will see you soon, very soon!

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures of the hotel.


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