1% at 1 AM

It’s 1 AM now and I am writing to you from the kitchen table. I wanted to write a travel post, but I am so very tired. I haven’t even written half of it and I have already been drained. “No more power”, said the brain, so I stopped and I am not happy. I need to take a break.

I am not happy about not writing and I am not happy that there are other blog-related projects that have been either postponed and overlooked, because I am running with schedule while playing catch-up. Or like today, I was supposed to write a travel post, and I only started to write this morning while commuting to work. Gaah. I don’t like this. I love writing, but writing with deadlines stresses me out! And writing after a long day at work? It makes me unhappy.

I want to be prepared. I like the feeling of being prepared. On the contrary, I also want to live spontaneously without falling behind my hobby-cum-commitment to blog. So I decide to write earlier and schedule my posts. If you remember my previous post, I tried to do it before, but I failed, mostly because the meaning of discipline is still foreign to me. This time, I am thinking of allocating a set time and hours daily to write, either it’s on this blog or my journal, as long as I write.

I am still deciding on what time and how long should I clock in, it must be something doable daily, after all, I need to share this blogging with earning money, loving people watching Scandal, and internet stalking Mindy Kaling.

But first I need to take a break.

I remember thinking “Whoa, I could never do that, I love writing too much!”, when a blog friend told me she was going to take a blog break. Look at me now, sitting on the kitchen with half baked draft (figuratively) and eating my own words (also figuratively) while drinking a cup of coffee after midnight (not figuratively).

Well, isn’t this a long post for someone who claimed not to able to muster any more brain power?

My battery is on 1% now. Need to Zzz.. See you in May coffee cups!


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