Inflight, Musings, Travel

Thoughts OTW to Ipoh

  • My colleague is sleeping beside me, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I like it better this way though. To be left alone in my own thoughts. I’m always in a constant rush to check something, to Google a fact, to hit publish, it’s nice to just ponder.
  • We are crossing a very long bridge, dark water below us and it looks beautiful, as beautiful as a blue or green colored sea.
  • I wonder what would Maria Antionette thoughts be about macaroons?
  • Oh, missing Malaysian Airlines plane, đŸ˜¦ hoping and rooting they are fine somewhere. I wish to always remember to tell my ‘I love you’s before it’s too late, so I sent a $1 SMS to Fafa.
  • I am missing my PJs. I have been wearing my office clothes since yesterday morning and I am starting to feel suffocated. I need to take it off! Maybe I can change in the dark?
  • Or at least take off my bra?
  • It’s pitch dark anyway.
  • But then I think better not. We are sitting near the sleeping driver (the bus has two drivers) and I don’t want to disturb his sleep in a suggestive way.
  • All those memorable stories about overnight travels. Could this be one of it?
  • I sleep better during long road trips.
  • The last time I took a bus to Malaysia was with my BFF. To visit her relatives, I had no reason to come, but I tagged along anyway and we had a great time as usual.
  • Or the one before that which was a school trip to Melaka.
  • Coco Chanel. I’m obsessed with her.
  • I have an unpleasant sleeping face.
  • I’m thinking about how nice school time was. I remember my first overnight bus ride was also on a school trip to Yogyakarta and there too I had a great time, but that time I don’t know yet, because that time I was a rebellious teenager who was looking for my place in the world.
  • It’s cold. I wish I had worn warmer underwear or a heated one. They have those now.
  • The driver guy drives way too fast.
  • I can’t keep up with my thoughts, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, I am sleepy.
  • I’m thinking of God. I think he is there, watching us on this trip with every light from the street lamp that we passed by.

I do realize this post is so random, but memories my friends. Memories.


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