Book Bitch-ing 35000ft Up in the Air

I’m on a plane. Above ground. Writing. Typing away on my laptop. Feeling pretty cool about this fact.

Yesterday was a good day. We got a half-day off in the office. I got rose tea from office lucky draw. And I got a diploma charm bracelet from Fafa.

As usual, I reached the airport just in time for boarding.

Fafa said one day I’d miss the flight, I might. One day. So be it. I’ll book the next available flight.

The girl beside me is reading The Kite Runner, as a book snob (or book bitch according to Mindy Kaling), I couldn’t help but think “Duh, five years too late“.

I always want to know what everyone else’s reading.

I want to know what book the strangers I meet in the airport are carrying.

My mind wonders, even more, if I catch people reading a book which was famous years ago.

Exactly, like this girl who sits beside me, now.

This snobbishness is equally compensated by my amazement and nod of approval for people who are reading cool books, the books I love, or want to read.

Speaking of books, I read on Kindle now, baby!


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