Are You There Photos?

Yesterday I finally had some time to write. After two weeks of overtime at work including the weekend, but I didn’t write. Instead, I accidentally deleted my five thousand/five years of accumulation of pictures on my Macbook.

As a result, I almost had a mental breakdown.

My first reaction was to call Fafa and crying about this silly* thing. After a photo recovery software, silent prayers, a few hours of tweaking and a full day of recovery process happening on the background, I got all my pictures back. Though it’s all in messed up order *sigh*.

I thank God for having an IT-literate as a boyfriend. It’s a privilege for someone whose computer knowledge stops at Microsoft Excel’s pivot table.

*it’s only silly now because I managed to get back all my pictures, else my world wouldn’t be the same.


One thought on “Are You There Photos?

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