“Why the sudden interest with Parangteritis?” is a part of my writing assignment given by the travel lit class I took at the Writers Center. I haven’t finished it, but I wanted to share a piece of it with you just to test the water. Read it and let me know your comment on it. I welcome all feedback.

“Why the sudden interest with Parangteritis?”

my mom asked whilst helping me put last-minute items in the 46L backpack.

I shrugged before adding “It’s just, you know, I have never been there”, while simultaneously taking out the things I would never need from the backpack.

Outside, the taxi was waiting to take me to the airport, there wasn’t enough time for a ramble about my decades’ long fascination towards the mysticism surrounding the most visited beaches in Indonesia, outside of Bali. Nor about the Sea Goddess that thousands make the pilgrimage to from every corner of the country yearly.

She gave me one last disapproving look and hugged me good-bye with two pieces of advice, a motherly “be careful!”, and a Parangteritis specific one, “don’t’ wear anything green!” Reminding me about one of the most famous and vastly believed myths in Indonesia.


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