Minimalist in the Making

Today was not a good Monday for me.

I spent the whole evening, after a long day in the office, sitting on my bedroom floor sorting out three boxes of papers.


To find a single document that I need to submit tomorrow for my visa application.

I was, and still am, a bit irritated by myself.

How did I end up accumulating three boxes of papers?! Ugh!!

I found it, finally!

But not before polishing off three cupcakes to keep calm while arranging bills from 2010 to find that particular document.

It made me curse myself scrutinize my place in the past hour.

I realized I have things that I don’t need, use anymore or that are duplicates.

Um, wait.. before you picture me as some kind of crazy hoarder lady, let me straighten you up, I am far from it.

I don’t have a single cooking utensil (not proud), I use kindle, and I read all the digital books I bought (proud).

All my belongings can be fitted into three big luggage (not counting PJs of course).

Even then I still have unnecessary items, like three candle burners.

The room I rent is so tiny that whenever I spray perfume my neighbor could smell it, so why would I ever need three candle burners?

I want to live with lesser items.

So I hatched a plan: I will start with getting rid of twenty items from my place (I first thought of fifty items, but it is too many since I only have like a hundred stuff).

The truth is everyone can easily get rid of twenty items from their house(everyone but the crazy hoarder lady), it is an easy goal, but the base of this goal is minimalism, so I am going to take one step further and apply the one in one out rule from now onwards.

The rule says that every time, a new item comes into your place, a similar item must leave. A neat rule don’t you think?

I will report back from the future.

Meanwhile, do you want a spare clay candle burner?


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