Kyoto Night

Dinner time = Unadon time.

We had the best Unadon ever! Well, to be honest, it was my first eel, but I know Yin and Vi will be nodding their heads in agreement when they read this. The bad news is, for eel-sake, I can’t remember the name of the restaurant. It was on the third floor of a building in that area (not very helpful, I know but that’s all I can remember). Anyway, just try one of the Unadon restaurants in the neighborhood. Unagilicious!

Later at night, we fulfilled Yin’s obsession with Geisha. We explored Gion area, the famous Geisha Geiko district (a taxi driver taught us: Geisha in Tokyo; Geiko in Kyoto). Oh yes !! We spotted a few of them walking briskly, yet still gracefully, and going inside those wooden houses at Hanami-koji street. A fascinating view and experience. After sometimes we got hungry, since no more Geisha passed by, we went for dinner at a restaurant that sells unagi don exclusively. The girls couldn’t believe that it was my first unagi and it was, again, delicious.


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