Sydney Diary

Good day mate,

Woke up with a hangover today. Cheap 2012 Moscato after effect was bad. bad. bad.

We went to Potts Point’s Toby Estate for a good brekkie, hoping it would cure the hangover. It ended up being pricey. They have an item on the menu called Backpackers’ Breakfast, it costs $20, which I assumed is the same amount some backpackers pay for a night stay around here. The food was okay only but the interior details were praise worthy.

Today’s itinerary’s the Zoo, but the first stop was Martin Place. I like the neighbourhood, it’s perfect for people watching, especially on a work day like today. Almost everyone looked busy/rich and sophisticated.

And then I spotted it. Lindt Café. My favorite chocolatier has a café (later I learnt, many cafés) and I didn’t know about this?! I walked in and behaved like a total village idiot for ten good minutes.

Too many chocolates, too many flavours, too many Lindt. My favorite: Lindt Chocolate Spoon.

After zoo-ing, we spent our evening at the Opera House. Have I declared my love for this awestatic building today? I adore you, Sydney Opera House, you are gorgeous.

We took some tons of pictures in front of it.

We made a toast for our fabulous trip at the Opera Bar. A must go place. Good wine collection, better view of the bridge and great mix of tourists.

Another favorite spot here is the gift shop, I bought all souvenirs from here.

If you can only have a few hours in Sydney, make sure you spend it here.


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