Are We Adult Yet?

Yin brought the topic of maturity today.

She said she feels like an adult, mature and old. I told her that though I do believe I am more mature now, I don’t feel old.

2012 is shaping me, into an adult. I think.

Since, lately, I realized I enjoy working lifestyle and I remember that a couple of years ago I desperately wanted to go back to school. I don’t anymore.

Does this mean I have matured? Maybe yes, maybe no, but I do enjoy being a grown-up.

Today marks my 2 year working in the same company.

I feel good.

A little proud of myself for holding a job for more than a year.

I wish we can trot around the office with a glass of whisky in hand and discuss work, Mad Men style, to celebrate it.

After all, I am an adult now.



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