Happy Turkey Day

I flew home for Thanksgiving yesterday. Except that we don’t celebrate the tradition.

When I was on the plane, a few minutes to touch down, I couldn’t help but feel thankful for every single thing in my life.

I was thankful that I have a job, that I’d be seeing my parents very soon, for the people I love, for the comfort I have, for the things I own, everything. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and it felt nice.

Every time I visited them, my parents treat it as a big deal, even if I happened to visit them only last month.

I am in the purple room now, where the time stands still.

My pictures, old books, knickknacks, DVD collections, purple painted hello kitty clock, and stuffed animals all kept like before. Mixed well with Amma’s stuff.

My point is I am very happy to be back in it. I just woke up some time ago and been lazing around ever since.

Today plans include a mother-daughter shopping spree. Dresses, bags, and shoes are on the agenda.

Also, we have a coffee date, which has been our ritual ever since she considered me as a grown-up.

At night I am meeting my cousins over dinner, which I am going to pretend to be a thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving is a holiday I wish to celebrate every year. I want to adopt it to be a part of my life tradition.

Happy Thanksgiving guys!


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