Last Day in Bali

It was our last day in Bali, and I didn’t feel like going back. Unfortunately, instead of extending our hotel stay for one more day, we packed our luggage early like boring grown-ups. I already planned to call in sick to the office, but the others were not backing me up on this. They regretted the decision on the next Monday morning.

Back in Bali, we explored Seminyak and spent our last rupiahs there. We booked a car for a full day for IDR 400k, including the driver and petrol. Our plan was quite straightforward. No dilly-dallying. Shopping – lunch – massage and straight to the Airport.

We saw Seminyak yesterday night, on our way to the W’s bar, located in this fancy new hotel with the same name at the heart of Seminyak. But it was already too late and we were too drunk, so we decided to explore the area on our last day in Bali.

Clearer, in the daylight, Seminyak looked like an upper-class Kuta. Our plan was to shop and buy some cheap last-minute souvenirs for colleagues. Well, except for me. That time, I told people at work I have some personal issues to attend to so they wouldn’t contact me while I am on leave. My task for the day was not to get more turned on the freaking hot day. Coming back with a sunburn wouldn’t align with an emergency excuse I had given, because what could be an emergency thing in the beach or tanning salon that I had to fly across the country to attend to?

Instead,  I was looking for something for myself. A Bali necklace was worn by a girl who was heading towards the airport when we just came out of it a few days ago. When I saw it, I pointed out to Jik. “I want her Bali necklace”, I whispered to her. She ignored me, too busy dragging her luggage and searching for our driver’s face in the crowd.

Seminyak supported a lot of cute shops but most charged way too much. Maybe because they cater more to foreign tourists. To be completely honest, I was a bit intimidated by it. As you know, swanky anything, be it a bar, restaurant or even an area makes me uncomfortable. Swanky is not my habitat.

Also, here you need to be able to bargain. And bargaining, my friends, is a skill that I have yet to learn. I finally spotted a similar necklace in the small stalls at Seminyak Square. I stopped at the first store and asked for the price. “50k IDR”, he said. “Too expensive”, I said. Then I started to stare at him; trying to hypnotize him into giving me a better deal. He didn’t budge. (Note to self: the people hypnotizing skill needs more practice). I walked away to the opposite shop who invited me in. I asked for the price to the seller dude #2, he said, “75k IDR”. I was confused. Didn’t he see me walking away from a cheaper one? Not long after that, I saw both sellers high-fiving. Very mature guys. Very “business-minded”. Ugh! I walked out of the over-priced square.

We then had our lunch at Warung Eropa and continued with the mission to save the world economy. Jik got bracelets for her friends and I was in and out of stores still looking for this particular Bali necklace. After some time I gave up and headed back to the car which would drive us back to the Airport. It’s there and then, the most awesome friend in the world handed it to me. The Bali necklace!  

“I got you this,” she said. She bought it for me! And here I was thinking she didn’t even look at it when we were at the airport. I was so happy and wore it immediately.

Our last checklist in Bali was to get a massage since there was only a little time left, we had the foot massage instead. It was heavenly you guys. These shoes squeezed foot appreciated the pampering so very much.

On the plane back to Singapore, Jik was sleeping beside me, not knowing I kept turning and smiling sweetly at her because of her thoughtfulness. Instead, she was sleeping like a doofus. Since the sleeping doofus bought the Bali necklace for me, I see it as a friendship token. Now 4 years later, even though I don’t wear it as often, I kept it in a place where I could see every day. Thank you Jik! I love my Bali necklace.


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