New Reader

Happy First Monday of 2011.

This month, I plan to work a bit on this blog. It will be a fun way to start the year, to work on something I love.

The first goal of the year is something I am a little embarrassed to admit but will be so relieved to finish. As you know, or don’t, I have had this blog for years, but until today I haven’t written my New Reader section yet. 

I want to direct the readers (God bless them, their kids, and their kids’ pet hamster souls) around this blog, to show them that I am borderline normal and that I can have fun sometimes, even if my kinda fun involves cooking in the paddy field. I also would love to share the stories and facts gathered from my travels, especially in South East Asia.

So yep, that’s what I am going to work on this week. To complete the introduction part of my blog. It won’t be easy, at least not for me. I like to write what I feel like writing and that’s why it has been more than a year, but I haven’t written anything there yet. Check back next week, will you?


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