King of Wands in Tarot

King of Wands Card

Image: A king is holding his wand, sitting on his throne in a resting position. Behind him a wall with a lion and salamanders drawing. Small salamander besides him. Tree in the background.

Background: Trees.

Familia: Lion and Salamander.

Elements: Fire and Earth.

Additional Traits

Numerology: Minor Arcana Number 14 – Court Card.

Events: Company-wide meeting, public speaking.

Vibes: Masculine.

King of Wands Tarot

Meanings: A visionary leader. You got the power! Take action with clear long term vision and plan.

Me and the card:

Today: (12.02.20) – I received my official letter of offer from the company I want today. Maybe it’s the beginning of my journey there? I am not too clear on today’s tarot card drawing.


3 thoughts on “King of Wands in Tarot

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