Girl on Fire

It was an eventful day.

I was on fire, in a good way.

Fueled by my latest read, I want to be more, achieve more, and know more.

I collected my pass and stopped at Bugis Junction to have nasi lemak from Toast Box for breakfast, renewed my library card, borrowed more books.

I then joined the Oprah book club online. For lunch, I had Shakuntala with Fia.

We talked about love, life, and work.

It was a productive day at work too.

At the end of the day, I walked 20 blocks home from the train station.

Back home, I cooked dinner, joined the Singapore book club, did a wardrobe inventory take, planned a future Bali trip itinerary with Jik, emailed a refund request for an oversized blouse I bought online, called my parents, showered, did laundry, prayed, fixed a lunch date with Sha. I also sent an email to Elizabeth Gilbert an email telling her that Eat Pray Love changed my life.

I laughed. I dined. I produced today. Now time for Drop Dead Diva.


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