After having way too much sleep the day before, I was awake until 2 AM today. My mind wondered about the subject of time. How little we have and appreciate it. I messaged a friend:

“Do you think you are happy with how you are spending your time? I am not sure I am”.

I mean yeah, sure I have everything. Job, family, health and money and yada yada. But I spend so little time doing what I like. what makes me happy or with people whose company I enjoy. I don’t remember the last time I went to the beach to stargaze at night. And it has been a year since I sat down in front of Merlion place people watch.

Holidays or weekends have become way too precious and we crammed so many activities in it.

My time flies. Just like that. I miss having a little more time to enjoy my life every day.

“Time has become a rare commodity for me too. I am only 25% happy all time”. My friend reply came after I slept.


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