Master Bathroom

The common bathroom is under construction, so I am allowed to use another bathroom, the hidden luxury for the first time.

A master bathroom, a place that I never knew existed for a very long time. I did extra preparation, a full fifteen minutes after I was told to use it. I brought my usual shower items together with special bathing occasion items: bathrobe and sample bottles stolen from various places, my phone, chilled coke can, and a chocolate bar, just in case.

I finally entered the luxury bathroom. Oh my my it’s perfect. It has a big tub, a huge mirror with perfect lighting, and a window with a great view which is big enough to provide light for day make-up. It has lots of woman’s knickknacks to touch, smell (and try maybe?) like  hydrating mask, strawberry lotion, mandarin massage oil, lavender candle.

I began my bathing ritual by examining while talking to myself in the mirror and eating the chocolate. Songs were playing in the background thanks to the phone, which I used to make a few long-distance calls from the bathroom.

I danced with myself around the lit candles and finally took a long relaxing bath. Such a nice and unexpected thing that happened in the middle of the day, since then I have made a point to appreciate a nice bathroom whenever I get into one.


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