Green Store

When I was much younger, my cousin brother and I had a favorite provision shop on the same street as my house.

It was a shop-house owned by an old couple.

They sold daily necessities. Kind of like a 7-11 except instead of killing small businesses they were the local business.

We loved going to this store.

Every time my parents give us “uang jajan” pocket money we went there to buy something.

Crackers, soda, candies. Anything really. As long as we could walk into the store.

Unfortunately, one day we had a fallout. The old uncle and 10 years old us.

No, we didn’t steal anything.

We quarrelled over something that I couldn’t recall, but it got so big (in our heads) that we stopped going there.

Eventually, I forgot about the shop until I was big enough to miss it.

So one day I walked there only to find out that the shop was gone.

Even then I was too proud to be sad about it, but later I did.

The reason I share this story with you is that the store’s name was Green Store.

Not because it has any environmental value. In those times green wasn’t a political choice, it was just a color.

The shop, the wall, the fence, the roof, the whole house was painted in green. Maybe that was what bewitched us to go there every chance possible.


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