Livin’ La Vida Local in Singapore

Due to the fear of being killed by my roommate, Tweety, I moved out of the students hostel recently.

I am currently renting one room in a three-bedroom apartment in Singapore Little Indian neighborhood. With aircon, a study table, and a wardrobe it is definitely an upgrade from my prison cell dorm room.

The apartment complex has a swimming pool! It’s also a walking distance from the market and the hustle-bustle of Serangoon road. I absolutely love it.

Meanwhile, I have fallen into routines of living like a local in Singapore.

After the morning class, I usually go home to have a late lunch from the same Indian food stall in the Pek Kio market’s food court before stopping by at the provision shop nearby to buy a pack of DARS chocolate as my dessert. I spend the rest of the day studying or working on Uni projects or hanging out with my friends or exploring Singapore. I am not too fussy about dinner, I eat whatever I have at home or just skip it.

Meanwhile, my living like a local in Singapore in the weekends contains: waking up super late, doing a 3-hour makeup regime to go out with my friends at night, finding a dress that makes me look respectably sexy, waiting for the clock to move from 5 PM to 8 PM and going out until wee f-ing hours.

The next day I usually wake up with a horrid hangover and proceed to stay in bed as long as I can hold my hunger. Once I become the hunger pain takes over the headache I drag myself to Pek Kio market’s food court to eat my hangover fixer: chicken rice the ultimate comfort food in my dictionary. I then buy two packs of DARS chocolate and do nothing for the rest of the day, like today.

To be honest, I don’t think this is how the local in Singapore live their lives. Maybe not even Singapore expat would follow this absurd routine. But it doesn’t matter.

I love Singapore, its’ culture and my life here.


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