New Blog

I moved to Singapore and decided to start a blog.

Hi everyone and a special Hi to all bloggers.

I am another blogger trying to make it in the blogosphere. I joined the blogging world after being inspired by my university friend, a girl blogger, Ms Vi. To write about my life in Singapore and things that I find interesting in general. 

“Our existence, our interactions, our writing, our time, our love, our hate–all of these things are shaping the world in small ways. The question is not whether you are ready to change your world. The question is whether you like the way you are already changing it.”

– Jon Swanson.

You are welcome to contact me for almost anything. From sharing the pain of a broken heart to a cooking recipe, from ideas for your laptop’s name to ideas to the tips about Singapore.

Also, English is not my primary language, I advance apology for any grammar mistake and limited vocabulary while you read this blog. I’m working on improving it.

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read this blog, leaving a comment, dropping an email and or connecting with me.


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